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Great at Home Workout Tools – TRX & GO-FIT Power Tubes

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These are two excellent and easily stored fitness items that will help keep your fitness goals on track even when life keeps you from the gym!!!!

TRX : Born in the Navy SEALs – Embraced Across Fitness

The TRX Suspension system can be hooked up to a closed door; once adjusted for your particular training needs you are ready to rock. TRX systems can be purchased for as low as $159 on Groupon for a basic system and upwards of $249 for a Trainer Pro Kit.

GoFit Power Tubes

GoFit Power Tubes offer so many fitness benefits for at home and on the go. . Band training is great for the added isometric resistance – forcing the individual to work  harder on each rep.They clock in between $20 and $50 bucks depending on the resistance required