Are you Married to the Elliptical?

What Does Your choice of Cardio Machine Say About You!?

 Whether it’s leg day or arm day, you are ready and excited to go hit the gym for a killer workout. But before you grab your gym bag, your pre-workout shake, and stylish new sneakers, you sit down at the computer and pull up Instagram. That’s right, baby. You find yourself stalking workout buffs you don’t even know to further pump yourself up for the next hour or so of heart pounding adrenaline. After your new wave of total body fitness inspiration has you feeling unstoppable, you head out the door and find your way to the gym.
But first you need to do cardio. Gotta warm up those muscles. What to choose, what to choose, what to choose…? You hate running and the elliptical looks dorky, but then your eyes find the stair master. Hell no! OMG no more choices. This has definitely gone through everyone’s mind. So what do you decide, and what does that say about you and your workout habits?

The Treadmill

This is not just a running machine because you hate running. There is the incline option! For those of you who choose the treadmill day after day, it’s a smart choice. There are a multitude of things to do and still get a great workout in. Inclines, walking backwards, jogging, running, intervals, you name it. The person who stays with the treadmill is the adventurer, someone who likes to mix up the workout, and is dedicated to interval training. You know running is one of the best workouts so you push through it, even though you don’t like it. And, you are the type of person who can get your mind lost while working out, so the actual tasking of running, isn’t a problem. You are a tough cookie and apparently, have very strong joints.

The Elliptical

This is actually one of the best workouts out there, but only if you do it properly. There aren’t as many options for this machine, but it does provide you with those handy-dandy arm things to act like you’re skiing, and you can set the workout to whatever level and speed you want. The cool thing about the elliptical is that you can adjust it to work out certain muscles. You can work your calves, your shoulders, and everything in-between! If you are the person that goes to the elliptical every day, you are a person of routine. You like the fact that the momentum of the machine carries your legs even after you let off a little, and the fact that you can peddle backwards is the next best thing to getting off the elliptical! It’s the exact same workout, but it’s still a good one.

The Bike

 Again, a really good workout, but there isn’t much variety. If you are a bike person, you have probably done a triathlon and we all know it because you wear your special shoes and are in a hunched position for the entire time! But kudos, you have great endurance and patience. And are probably training to be a spinning instructor in your time off. You are a person who loves your leg muscles and should show them off. It’s not as painful as running, because it’s easier on the knees, but it has it’s own level of aches and pains to let you know you’re getting a great workout.


 Everybody loves Zumba. You can dance to music and you’re still getting a great workout. You are definitely working a lot and moving around the whole time which is a great way to build up strength, your core, endurance, and flexibility. The person who does Zumba all day every day is the person with no hair-tie, baggy pants, and does not breathe heavy when giving instructions mid-jump. You enjoy you workouts, they are a good way to socialize and dress-up. You are a person who loves variety, can move it (literally at any age), and doesn’t like to keep readjusting your earphones every two seconds.

Rowing Machine

Hopefully you know how to execute the proper form when doing this exercise because if you don’t, you are literally just sitting on your butt and moving your arms every few seconds. Former crew personnel always go to this machine first because “urgging” for hours at practice wasn’t enough for these former varsity athletes. Rowers are the tough of the tough. They can push through miles of drills, countless minutes of the same movement, and still decide to do another set even when their hearts are pounding out of their chests. They are the dedicated and very muscular.

 Stair master

 This is the perfect example of what love/hate really is. You want those firm and rounded glutes, but my God, it is torture. For one thing, if you stick with the stair master for your cardio, you are incredibly coordinated, so bravo my friend! And another, you can even walk sideways, two steps at a time, fast or slow, and keep coming back for more without tripping. It is impressive. You are a person who enjoys pain and fatigue and are probably the most patient of them all, because let’s be real, that stair master minute is the longest minute, ever!

Cardio is the best way to start losing weight and to keep it off. Whatever gets your heart pumping, gets you sweating and burning up, is what suits you best. You will eventually call one machine your own and go to it without thinking. You may occasionally wander to another machine, wanting to keep your body guessing, but it’ll feel wrong, sort of like a betrayal. Your loyalty to that one machine has kept you coming back to the gym again and again; through the pain, through the soreness, and through the fatigue. Whatever your choice, you are a dedicated and good looking warrior. Keep it up, and remember, don’t skip leg day!

_Elizabeth Quinones