Daily Defintion

Rockport Walk Test

Step 1: Record the client’s weight. Then have
them walk 1 mile as fast as they are able.
When the mile is completed, immediately
record the client’s HR and time.
Step 2: Determine client’s VO2 score.
132.853 – (0.0769 x Weight) – (0.3877 x Age) + (6.315xGender) – (0.1565 x HR) = VO2 Score
– Weight is in pounds
– Gender Male = 1 and Female = 0
– Time is expressed in mins and 100th of mins
– HR is beats/min
– Age is in years
Step 3: Compare client’s score to standard values.

Daily Definition


Linked amino acids that are connected by peptide bonds that function is repair and build body tissues and structures. There are 8 Essential proteins that are sustances that must be obtained from food supply. Nonessential proteins are created by the body.Proteins can be used for immediate energy if the energy intake is low. However of the protein intake exceeds the energy and/or synthesis need it will be stored as fat.