More on SMR

Self-Myofascial Release Is a stretching technique that focuses on the neural and fascial systems of the body.

Fascial System -fibrous tissue that surrounds and separates muscle tissue.

In between the fascia and muscle is where adhesion or “knots ” form.  By applying gentle pressure to an adhesion it helps bring the muscle fibers back into proper alignment with the direction of the muscle or fascia.


This pressure is typically applied to a tender area with use of a foam roller, tennis ball, lacrosse ball,  Triggerpoint Grid or other tools.

Pressure is applied in 20 – 30 seconds intervals, then rolled through.

SMR is a helpful technique in all phases of fitness; Warm-Up, While training and as a cooldown.

New Program Day 3

Stretch / Shoulders / SMR

* Stretch Sets : Holding a stretch for 20 – 40 secs is 1 set                                  **Perform Better Band

Static Squat Stretch*                                                                                               External Hip Rotations – 8 each side                                                                                               Static Hamstrings Stretch*

KettleBell Single Arm Shoulder Press  10reps,10lbs                                                                                           KettleBell Single Arm Up  Grip Press  5reps,10lbs                                                                     Half kneel Hip Stretch*                                                                                                                                        -Above 6 Movements Done in Sequence for 3 Sets

BW Hi rows        30 each Direction                                                                             Lateral Raises    15 reps, 10 – 15lbs                                                                          Yoga Block Hamstring Stretch *                                                                    Resistance Band Shoulder Press  12 reps,60lbs                                                 PB band**  External Shoulder Rotations

Self-Myofascial Release-Pecs,Calves,Lats,Glutes